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Mission and vision

Our mission.unlimited mobility for future generations.

  • We want to ensure that future generations can also enjoy unlimited mobility – in a life-sustaining environment.
  • We combine the strengths of public and individual transportation, with each one of our cars saving approximately ten private vehicles. Our responsible approach is reflected in the optimised impact of our services in terms of ecology and transportation.

Our vision.relieving the situation on Swiss roads.

  • We are the biggest national provider of individual mobility services.
  • We meet customer needs by providing car sharing programmes and other complementary services as required, either by ourselves or through partnerships.
  • We are part of the interconnected digital mobility chain.
  • Our programme relieves the situation on Swiss roads and contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.
  • We licence our software and we are an expert and sought-after technology provider in the national and international mobility market.
  • We combine business principles with cooperative values and pass on benefits to members of the Cooperative.

Mobility makes a difference!

Fair to customers, partners, the public at large and the environment

  • We are geared towards customer benefits and market relevance.
  • We offer our customers inexpensive mobility combined with peace of mind.
  • We have credibility.

Appreciation and respect are key values to us

  • We support independent responsibility and commitment among all our staff.
  • We create the conditions and freedom of scope that allow us to develop and evolve responsibly.
  • We make high demands of our staff and support their prospects on the internal and external labour market by applying target-oriented measures.

Cooperative on principle

  • We make responsible and sustainable use of the possibilities offered by our status as a Cooperative.
  • We are financially independent and invest our profits in innovations.
  • We offer our customers the chance to share in the Mobility Cooperative and enjoy the benefits it provides.